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What am I doing?: Introducing spot strat.

What am I doing?: Introducing spot strat.

“Is this what you thought you’d be doing?”

I’ve been asked this a few times and the answer is always shaky.  “Well, um…yes, in a way.  And, yes, eventually I will be doing what I thought I’d be doing.”

I knew that I would always be working to help people realize change: in their personal, political, and social communities.  Whether person to person, or large-scale campaigns, I became a communicator for change.

A few years ago, I realized that health was the key to opening up individuals’ consciousness toward seeing the bigger picture.  I began to focus on health behavior, particularly those aspects of behavior motivated by outside forces: communication and media.  I had hoped to pursue a policy route, but then things fall in your lap and you can’t ignore them.

What fell in my lap?  Really bad commercials meant to help prevent/curb obesity.  The only positive change they made was reenforcing stigma on those that are overweight/obese.  I could not get this horrible commercial out of my head…or out of my thesis.

This obsession led to my work as a contractor for a few of the leading health communication firms in Denver.  Soon I found the need to start working with my own clients as a way to build up my capabilities while benefiting those new and growing companies with tight-budgets.


This blog will serve as a platform to share what I’ve been learning and executing along the way.   I also find myself constantly referring back to my past experiences and translating those lessons into new adventures.  So this will also be a space for remembering.

So what am I doing? #learning #growing #executing #remembering

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