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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

When I knew I needed to start my own firm, my first thought was: what will my brand be?  How will it represent me?  What will it say?

As far as naming my firm, I needed something that was fun and fresh, but not too young.  Something confident, but not boring.  Not too girly.  Easy to spell.  I needed it reflect me, but not necessarily my name.

As a list-maker, I created pages and pages of lists for a name.  I tried to think of where I had come from, what I had seen, and where I wanted to go.

Most of this was done at home in the hours in between working for clients and finishing my thesis.  While I work by myself, I am never really alone as my rescue dog, Romo, is always around trying to crawl his 65 lbs onto my lap whenever I’m sitting down.   During one of these climbs, I was going through a word-association game just listed possible words for my new firm’s name.


“Romo?”  No.   “Dog?”  No.  “Dalmatian?”  No.  “Dot?”  No.  “Spot?”  What?  “Spot?”  “Spot Strategies?”  That could work.

I started working on some possible colors, fonts, and logos.  The word “spot” could take on a few forms:


The idea stuck.  I like the way it looked.  I like the way it sounded.  I was sold.

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