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Millennial Round Up: NOVEMBER/DECEMBER

Millennial Round Up: NOVEMBER/DECEMBER

“8 Things You Need to Know About Millennials at Work” Read the article here.

  1. The gender wage gap is shrinking [but remains larger for leadership positions].
  2. Many millennials don’t believe employers should expect employees to stay with the company for a lifetime.
  3. Higher educated millennials are expecting higher levels of underemployment.
  4. Millennials are having a harder time achieving financial independence than previous generations.
  5. Millennials are the most educated generation in history.
  6. Millennials are ambitious and eager for their careers to take off.
  7. Millennials want friendly managers.
  8. Millennials want to own their own business.


Differences in opinions about the business world, lead to Millennials creating their own modes of business. Read here.

Same studies, different, eh…vocabulary. The age of the author and maturity level often reveal their sentiments before they even begin the article. Read the critical opinion of this subject here.


“The Men, the Myths, the Legends: Why Millennial “dudes” might be more recpetive to marketing than we thought.” Read more here.

Millennial males are, in theory, elusive creatures. They’re commonly thought of as cord cutters who can’t be—and don’t want to be—reached. But many marketers remain eager to connect with this young, digitally-savvy group. And why wouldn’t they? Oft perceived as innovators, trend starters and predictors of the next big thing,Millennial males lead the pack, in one way or the other.



Today’s Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in U.S. history, with nearly 43% identifying as non-white.


[INFOGRAPHIC] On Millennial Homeownership, what is preventing it and how it will change:


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