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strategy & planning


strategy is often overlooked or undervalued in many organizations yet having a well defined and articulated plan is a core element of success.  spot strat works with a foundation of grassroots and political organizing to craft campaigns that reach target audiences where they are at and push them to move.


through our behavioral analysis research, we help companies innovate and differentiate by continually assessing their capabilities and resources in an effort to help them develop products and experiences that only their company is uniquely positioned to deliver.


our strategic planning services are designed to give clients:

  • Vision on where markets and technologies are headed
  • Strategies and tactics for differentiation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Identification of new markets and new technologies that impact strategy
  • Analysis and recommendations of existing strategies
  • Strategies for new markets and new technologies
  • Anticipation and strategies of current market opportunities and future needs


in a marketplace overflowing with choices, marketing a new product or service can seem overwhelming, daunting and complex.  we’re proud of our track record in successfully guiding our clients through this critical process, and helping them achieve their desired business objectives as a result.


  • creation of launch roll-out plans and strategies
  • product planning research to inform product features and outreach strategy
  • positioning and message creation
  • partner program creation, partner recruitment, partner training, partner events
  • marketing material creation
  • sales force training and education
  • demand generation strategy and execution
  • launch event planning and execution


we help clients advance their issues and further their causes through dynamic mobilization campaigns. through internet advocacy, telephone programs, direct mail, media placements, public rallies, local coalition-building, and more, spot strat combines technology with people-power to sway key decision-makers and win broad public support.


planning:  our step-by-step engagement blueprints will help you create and sustain relationships amongst the constituencies you care about most, whether your goal is immediate-term action or building long-term grassroots capacity.


grassroots capacity assessments:  we will help you create a framework for your grassroots efforts by quickly assessing your available resources and potential obstacles, exploring applicable national or state-based models, and by analyzing the political, issue or organizing landscape in which you’re operating.


advocacy & electoral targeting:  we turn complicated data into a game plan, creating targeting strategies to pinpoint which voters, decision-makers, constituencies and geographies to focus on for the greatest return on your investments.


online/offline integration:  we can help you identify the best mix of online and offline engagement strategies that will leverage your field organizing, grassroots, marketing, and communications objectives.


goals & metrics development:  our field experience and our emphasis on accountability will help you develop actionable goals and concrete and manageable benchmarks, along with budgets and time frames that will realistically support your grassroots efforts.


strategy consulting & facilitation:  our firm will bring its decades of experience to bear on your strategic challenges, helping you and your partners to ask the most salient questions, evaluate the risks and rewards of your options, explore the political implications of different scenarios, or just serve as a general strategic backstop to your decision-making.